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How to Get Express Entry Visa in Canada

In the year 2015, the Canadian government aimed to launch a new electronic immigration policy that introduces an express entry system to Canada which aimed to bring skilled and qualified immigrants to the country without any hassle.

This new immigration policy of the Express Entry program was crafted to manage applications for permanent residence for immigrants who can fill local Canadian jobs where there is a lack of available skilled nationwide workers.

The Canadian government has no hesitation to accept the fact that Canada requires new immigrants to cater to the future demands of the labor market, so to ensure the country’s long-term economic growth and prosperity, the Government launched this Express entry visa for Canada.

Moving to Canada is the best decision one can ever make. In simplest of description, we can say, Express entry visa for Canada is a permanent residency status from the central government of Canada which allowed the immigrants to live and work in Canada for long-term.

If you own a permanent residency it means you can stay in Canada permanently. The PR card needs to be renewed every 5 years, and in order to hold your PR status, the immigrant must have been in Canada for at least 730 days out of the last 5 years.

There are various different immigration routes available to move to Canada permanently. But Express entry visa in Canada is more popular among Indians. Several different immigration visas include the Provincial Nominee Program, The Skilled Workers Program, Start-up Visa, and Caregivers Program.

You need a rock-solid and most trusted Visa consultant in the business to assist you in the process. Without a doubt, canex immigration will assist the candidates who are looking for Express Entry Visa.


What is an Express Entry Visa?

How to apply for express entry to Canada?

Express Entry (EE) is an advanced and scientifically designed online immigration application system by the Canadian Government. Express entry visa for Canada permits international immigrants to easily submit a profile that is to be considered as a skilled immigrant.

The International candidates with the maximum scores and rankings are cordially invited to apply for permanent residency. Express Entry for Canada is a fast-track new age immigration program and it’s crafted to assist skilled workers to immigrate to Canada without much time and effort.

This program is solely designed for international skilled workers who want to live and work in Canada. Any International candidate can apply for this program, there are few prerequisites that are necessary before applying for the procedures such as an approved language test in either English or French language and meet the minimum language requirements in order to be eligible to apply.

The candidate is required to demonstrate that they have genuine work experience in a skilled occupation in the last 10 years. If you are thinking about how many years of work experience is required for Canada PR, then the answer is tricky, but any work experience in the desired domain of more than 3 years is good.

The applicant’s occupation must fall under the list of NOC codes and the occupation must be classified or “defined” as skilled. Rules for Express entry visa in Canada, it is clearly defined that the work must fall under skill type 0, A, or B.

Express entry visa for Canada is a points-based visa program. The candidate’s eligibility is dependent on primary factors like skills, last 10 years of work experience, primary education, English language ability, and age. The express entry visa application form for Canada can be downloaded from the official website.

Based on the above factors, points are given to the candidate and it should meet the minimum number of points to be eligible for the program. The minimum score criteria vary each month. The minimum usually comes between 350-450 points but it is extremely volatile.

To be eligible for an Express entry visa for Canada, the candidate should score a maximum of points out of 1200. The application can be rejected if the applicant isn’t eligible or there are errors in your application. A job offer is not required in order to apply but to score more points, it is advisable to secure a job beforehand.


Express Entry visa fees and cost

The Canadian government accomplished the fact that the country needs new immigrants to cater to the future labor market requirements. And for the sake of future well-being, the Express Entry visa for Canada is designed.

The progressive immigration system will allow Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to proactively appraise, recruit and pick immigrants who are experienced and/or owned the relevant qualifications as per the federal economic immigration programs such as FSWP, FSTP, and CEC.

Before mailing an application for Express Entry for Canada the candidate will be required to qualify by obtaining 67 or more points on a total 100 point scale system. There is a series of advanced selection criteria that audit and assigns applicants engrossed in Express Entry an overall score out of 100.

If the primary score is beyond 67 points the applicants definitely qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program But if the score is below 67 points the candidates will not qualify for the program. The applicants do not need to live or work in Canada in order to apply, but they gain more points if having Canadian work experience.


There are two stages of an Express Entry visa in Canada :

  • Stage 1: Potential candidates are required to fill out an online Express Entry form. The applicant is required to submit details and enter the eligibility pool. And in the pool, the candidate will be ranked compared to other people based on the score.
  • Stage 2: The Government will ultimately invite successful candidates and permanent residency will be processed within 6 months. A fee of $1040 approx is required to pay to submit the application after the selection from the pool.

There are 2 main stages to the application.

  • Stage 1 involves surrendering your details and go into the eligibility pool. Although in the pool, the applicant will be ranked against other candidates relying on your score. Stage 2 involves being chosen from the pool of selected candidates and invited to submit the required PR application form and proof funds.
  • An express entry visa fee is high. So you need professional help to assess the real cost. If you are seeking professional help to get yourself enroll in the Canada express entry visa processes there are few trusted Express entry visa consultants in Punjab and Amritsar. canex immigration is one of the leading consultants in India.


What are the requirements for express visa?

How many years of work experience is required for Canada Permanent Residency?

An express entry visa consultant in Punjab will guide you regarding the eligibility criteria and requirements. It is determined using a special and unique innovative point-based system called the Canadian Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The Canada Express Entry CRS is curated carefully to identify the most imminent and potential immigrants appropriate for living in Canada. There are plenty of requirements that need to be fulfilled to become eligible, these factors include age, level of education, French or English language proficiency, as well as previous work experience in Canada.

There is no minimum score for Canada express entry visa process. Only proposed immigrants with sufficient Express Entry points will be called to apply for Canadian permanent residency eventually.

For the proper calculation of the Express Entry visa for Canada eligibility score, we have referred to the modern Comprehensive Ranking System formula. canex immigration will assist the candidates to study the formula system.

Post calculating the individual Express Entry points the applicant can correlate this number to the least possible CRS points needed from the latest Canada Express Entry draw. The lesser the point the harder is the possibility to get an invitation from the Government for PR.


What is express entry visa process?

Major requirements for express entry

Express Entry is an innovative online system that the Canadian Government uses to manage international applications for permanent residence from skilled workers all across the globe.

There are precisely four stages. canex immigration will guide you in detail.


Step 1: Eligibility criteria for the candidate

  • There are various programs and candidates need to consider the eligibility requirement based upon age, education, work experience extra.

Step 2: Keep the document handy

  • IELTS score, WES, etc are needed along with proof of identity. canex immigration consultants will get it ready for you.

Step 3: Profile Submission

  • Express Entry profile needs to be prepared, if the candidate is eligible and meets all the criteria they will get selected from the pool of candidates. The applicant will be ranked in the Express Entry pool using an innovative points-based system. The candidate’s score relies on the information in the candidate’s profile.

Step 4: Receive an invitation and sending an application

  • If the candidate is selected they need to apply for permanent residency in the next 60 days. It usually takes 6 months or less for the compilation of the process.


How much express entry visa fees?

There are few trusted Express entry visa consultants in Amritsar. Among those, Stuff canex immigration is one of the best consultants for an Express entry visa for Canada. canex immigration experts are the best Immigration consultants in Punjab. They will help you resolve all of your Canadian immigration-related queries.

The actual fees for an Express Entry visa for Canada are approximately $1,325 for the primary applicant, and an additional Canadian dollar of $1,325 if a spouse or common-law partner is included in the application. Also, approximately $225 per dependent child is included in the application. There is an additional cost of $85 biometrics fee for the primary applicant, or $170 total for 2 or more applicants.

Get in touch with canex immigration, to know more about the fees and amounts to be shown as “proof of fund”. A skilled immigration consultant is needed for the process. Because there are many hidden costs which might concern you in future.

As far as permanent residency goes, Canada has a wide range of options. The fees vary depending upon several factors. The total Canada PR cost from India relies on the type of immigration program the primary applicant is seeking and the number of accompanying family members.


Who are Canada express entry visa consultants and why we are best in business?

The new applicants’ should be very well aware of the trustworthiness of the immigration consultant. canex immigration experts have more than 10 years of industry exposure. They will help you in planning an immigration option that will help you achieve your dream.

The Canada express entry visa consultants are needed because the Canada Express entry visa process is No Joke !!

canex immigration consultant will briefly studies the applicant’s profile and will interact with the Canadian immigration department at regular intervals to avoid any delay or goof-ups. They are just phone calls away in case of any contingencies.

The experts will guide you about the steps regarding an Express entry visa in Canada. In recent years, Canada intends plans to invite over 1.2 million international immigrants to live and work in Canada permanently. Indians from urban cities are looking to grasp the opportunity.

Express entry visa in Canada is becoming popular among young Indians. The requirements for express entry are not complicated. But you need professional help to file the application and proof of fund to avoid delays and rejection.

This year is the perfect time to apply for Canada Express Entry Visa. Because of the pandemic, the immigration process slows down but now again it is gaining momentum. Choose your immigration consultant wisely!!!

A good immigration consultant can help you achieve your dream for Canada PR. Hiring a Canadian immigration consultant is very important.